r e m a k e 3

‘(Hey, tobacco tree of the mountain, you better stop that odd dance, they might call you a futurist)’ from the series quodlibet. 600mm x 600mm. mixed media on board. kim pieters 2021.

… the relationships that form between ‘image’ and ‘title’ in her painting and drawing are central to k.f.pieters practice. they are quiet things. sometimes they stand absolutely still. She builds her work around these two nuclei using them as orbits to explore openings across territories. she puts them into spin. The first territory, the image, is itself predominantly a non-human/non- representational composition of line and colour on a field. this does not mean that human effects are absent. We can be deeply affected by colour for instance; but here, like the artist herself, we have to respect the fact that this composition of matter is inherently a difference that keeps its mysteries. we can but wonder. It is like watching the sky. We are confronted with the beauty of the world itself. (albert caeiro, ‘limits’, march 2018)


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